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samedi 29 mars 2014


It seems like I apologize everytime I’m updating this blog.So sorry guys. To make the things right today, I share with you previews from two of the projects I am working on since few months.

The first one is from a feature film talking about a beautiful story written by a nice script writer called Jérôme Piot and suggested to me there is two years ago. The other project is about a comic book called Momo written by Jonathan Garnier. I’m about to try another format and make my first steps in comics with some apprehensions, but I’m well helped, Jonathan is a talented and experienced guy too.I’ll do my best to post other stuff from my work soon, so stay focus ;)

6 commentaires:

BAM a dit…

Quel talent! C'est super vivant.


leyla a dit…

cest vrai que 'momo' ca va etre une bd, mais le decoupage donne trop envie de voir ca en anim! et super les charadesign comme d'habitude!

The Soul Of K a dit…

That's great! tes colo et char design sont sublimes!

Meryl a dit…

Elle est trop mimi Momo.

Mateo a dit…

Oh, I love the whole sequence where kid is getting up. Great flow and animation creates those panels.
Watching them, viewer can feel the whole move!

I love this!
Great work at all! : )

hadrien a dit…

ultra inspirant!**!